Monday, August 31, 2015

So I finally made it to the famous Disney World!! The fact that I am even functioning at this point is a miracle because I am running on absolutely no sleep not to mention the intense heat and dehydration! Anyways.. Getting to the shuttle was a bit of a struggle but once I found the right loading place it went very smoothly. It was just me and the driver the entire ride which could have been weird but he was SO nice! I told him that I was arriving extra early so he said that he could waste time for me by driving me around down town Disney and introducing me to all the Disney college housing so he and I enjoyed our leisurely drive through Orlando. He was very entertaining! Once we got to vista way (check in spot) there was a few girls already waiting so the first one I saw I sat by and started talking to. Turns out her and I were on the same flight from SLC and she was also LDS so I was super hopeful that we could room together but out of thousands of students I knew it was pretty unlikely. Well once we got in line and started the check in process we found out where we are going to be living and GUESS WHAT her and I are roommates! What are the odds?! That was most definitely a prayer answered since getting a good roommate preferably in the church was a really big stress for me!
 Once the excitement wore down from our rooming assignment we were sent straight off to the casting building to fill out paper work. Nothing too note worthy except that the casting building was the cutest building ever! Very Disney like! Once all that fun stuff was over we were released and we went to find our apartments. We are staying is a one bedroom apartment and 3 girls are sharing it. Our other roommate is super cute as well! I am very excited that she is normal and not crazy! So it seems that rooming wise everything is looking great and drama free! Just one more way that Disney creates the most magical experiences for everyone!!


  1. I love seeing the pictures and hearing about your adventures! Love you to pieces!!!

  2. So fun Amber. You are blessed! I can't wait to hear what is next.

  3. That last comment was from me. You know how you forget to check if someone else is signed in. Anna is very excited for you as well and is waiting for the next post. Is your silence telling us something or are you just super busy? haha